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We have moved!

Wow, what a busy start to the year we are having! Not only have we helped some wonderful business grow and prosper, we too have grown. And of course a bigger, brighter more shiny space ...

Cameron will triple business loans if he wins election

David Cameron gave a very passionate speech about what small businesses mean to him. Cameron says he wants to make the UK the “start up capital of the world.” The key part of this ...

EON Poll: Three quarters of SMEs in inappropriate premises

An article in Business News Daily is reporting that over three quarters of businesses are operating from inappropriate premises because the fear the cost and disruption of moving. Worries ...

Hidden Bank Charges Hurting Small Businesses

The Financial times is reporting that hidden fees are costing small businesses more than £425 million in fees. Most of these costs come from invoicing charges, handling paperwork and ...
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9 out of 10 credit card breaches hit small businesses

An article in computer world is reporting that 9 out of 10 credit card breaches are affecting small businesses. Stolen cards are being used once every 20 seconds. Worldpay explains ...

Admin and red tape suffocating small business managers

An article in Fresh Business Thinking reports today that small business leaders spend a whopping 28 hours a week- hours that should be spent on growing their businesses. Research conducted ...
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