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Amazon to launch small business loans program in UK

Amazon is getting set to offer small business loans to UK small businesses reports The Grocer. Amazon have been offering loans for a while, however this new initiative specifically ...

Skills Shortage in Small Businesses

The FT is reporting that one of the main concerns of small businesses is the lack of available skills in the staff who are able and available to work for them. Although very well educated ...

Energy Efficiency Savings an Issue for Small Businesses

As small businesses are often renting their premises, being energy efficient can be a struggle. Green energy is not only a significant cost saving, but also a likely contender for Government ...

Small Business Confidence Hits High

In a report in City AM, the latest small business index from the Federation of Small Businesses showed solid growth over the last three months, whilst investment and growth hit their ...

Small Businesses Back to Pre Reccession Level

A very positive  article in the Financial Times is reporting that small businesses are now performing at the same rate they were before the recession. Small businesses are still the ...
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